Book Box Collection

Book Box Collection


      Hey Booklovers!

      Settle in, light a candle and read awhile.

      The intention of the box is to create a self care bookish experience that allows you to relax, restore and refresh.

      Included with your book are some of my favorite things, a book inspired candle and wax melts, bookmark, note book, pencil, page flags with comfy socks.

      I hope that you enjoy your self care book reading experience and come back to read additional titles.

      I’m so excited about this box and I hope you are too. To me, there’s nothing better than a new good book that I’ve been excited to read, a relaxing space and a good smelling candle.

      I love the idea of pairing a candle and book in a box and including all of my favorite things while reading to create a self care book reading experience. 

      As a book lover, the worst part is when a super good book ends. I always feel like a little lonely. The fact that I can’t be a fly on the wall anymore especially when I found myself completely involved in the lives of the characters makes me feel some kind of way. I don’t know about you, but I find myself taking a day or so before I’m able to move on to a new book.

      When I started creating candles inspired by the books I’ve read, I found when I burned the candle inspired by that particular book, I was right back at my favorite part of the book or a part that really struck me or I could smell the famous sweet potato pie Pearl made to meet Sugar. That’s when I realized the story doesn’t have to end, just light the candle! I hope that every time you light one of our bookish candles or wax melts it reminds you of the best part of the book.

      8 products

      8 products