Sweet Scent Stories

Sweet Scent Stories

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Treat yourself to the sweetest love story of all, these stories are all about Sugar. Find blends for every sweet tooth from white chocolate and apples, cakes with ice cream and lemon notes to your favorite first sip in the morning.

Fill your space with the sweet smells of celebration and decadence.

Scents in this collection

Sugar Cloud

Fresh spun strawberry sugar and candied Tonka bean with Tahitian vanilla create the sweetest summertime combination.

White Orchard

Crisp green apple and pears blend together with decadent white chocolate and vanilla to create an intoxicating delicious scent.

The Sweetest Cake

When fresh lemons met light fluffy butter cake whipped with vanilla extract and created the perfect cake finished in a powdered sugar glaze.

Born Day

When these two come together, it’s always a celebration. Cake batter with sweet sugarcane topped with creamy vanilla ice cream and sprinkles.

Good Morning

Vanilla bean and expresso sweetened with  rich brown sugar and cocoa create a coffeelicious cup of latte made from a creamy, frothy, nutty coffee shop.


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