Letterbox Wax Melts

Letterbox Wax Melts

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Calling all Book Lovers 📚...

As a book lover myself, I've created a book inspired wax melt letterbox set featuring twelve 1.5 inch cubes. Our wax melts are available in fragrances inspired by some of our favorite books and literary characters.

Our melts are hand-poured in Georgia using 100% soy wax and our fragrances are phthalate, sulfate and paraben free.

Our soy wax melts come beautifully packaged in a kraft gift box finished with burlap twine.

Featured fragrances in The Bookish Collection:


Ida -  Scent Story:

Water lily, clear turquoise waters and sun-kissed blue skies blend with fresh star fruit and sand beaches.

Bitter Rose - Scent Story:

The story of opposites, bitter is really sweet. Champagne with notes of cream and sugar fuse together with rose petals.

Jude - Scent Story:

A rich, deep blend of blackberries and sweet molasses.

Ghost Town - Scent Story:

Sugarcane meets Papaya with added notes of coconut, sweet peach and vanilla.

Life is Grand - Scent Story:

Golden pineapple, juicy peach and island mango intertwine with freshly picked red berries and sweet orange on a delectable base of toasted sugar, coconut cream and vanilla bean.

J. California - Scent Story:

A romantic blend of Vanilla, Coconut and Rose.

Maya  - Scent Story:

Crisp berries, pomegranate, sun-ripened raspberries and juicy citrus blend with refreshing greens and notes of Prosecco.

Octavia - Scent Story:

Like fantasy vs reality, the sweet lightness of Pink Pomelo with Lemon, Raspberry, green apple and cotton candy meets calming, mellow Cedarwood and Sandalwood to create an intoxicating fragrance that smells like a warm breeze.

Toni - Scent Story:

The freedom and movement of ocean water with a splash of sparkling citrus.

Zora - Scent Story:

A tropical blend of sliced mango, fresh greens, exotic florals with papaya, citrus and sweetened musk.

Alice - Scent Story:

Crisp Watery Notes with amber notes and warm wood and violet. Smells like purple.

Grove St. - Scent Story:

Feminine, sweet and flirty, pink amber and vanilla wrap around blushed orchid and jasmine petals.

Tea Time - Scent Story:

White tea and spicy ginger infuse with apricot and dash of nutmeg to create a light fresh summer tea.

Warm - Scent Story:

Indonesian patchouli, Amber and Vanilla musk flow together to create an exotic, earthy and warm scent. Light citrus and earthy moss adds rich texture.



How do I get started melting?

We recommend starting with one cube at a time however for more hours of scent we recommend 2 cubes for 8 hours of scent time.


How strong are our melts?

We put the maximum amount of fragrance oil in our wax melts for the best scent throw. Use a little or a lot.

Our eco soy wax melts are non toxic, burn cleanly and are packed with a very high percentage of premium scented fragrance oil so they are strong, long lasting and provide hours of fragrance. All of our products are paraben, paraffin, sulfate and phthalate Free.


6.5 oz

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