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When I read The Vanishing Half and then The Mothers, I was captivated by the theme of reinvention. How you can be one thing yet make the decision to completely transform yourself.

Brit Bennett’s characters Nadia and Stella are written in such a way, that though you may not agree, you can identify and maybe even understand. And before I knew it, the transformation takes place and it happens free of judgement.


How real was a person if you could shed her in a thousand miles.

You can either be as solid as a stone or light as air.

Scent Story:

A clean scent of cerulean water, crisp air with notes of cedarwood.

Story Notes:

Waterlily | Iris | Sea Minerals


- 60+ hours burn time

- 8 ounces

- !00% soy wax

- Cotton wick

- Sulfate  + Paraben free

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