Bookish Scent Stories

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Candles and wax melts based on some of our favorite stories and literary characters. 


Usually female and sometimes bespectacled; a young woman who enjoys the company of her books. Has an intelligent, haughty, look rather than nerd.

Scent Story:

Honey Dew Melon & Canteloupe with warm vanilla woods.

Blackberry Molasses 

Quiet, stoic Jude grows up in the emotionally cruel color stuck town of Mallard, Louisiana never realizing the true majestic beauty of her black skin.

Scent Story:

A rich, deep blend of blackberries and sweet molasses.



Stella is a secret keeper and ultimate performer. She makes the choice to leave her family and twin sister behind to live a life of passing.

“Sorry honey, but I’ve got to go my own way.

Scent Story:

Crisp, cool ocean water with tangy orange zest and sea spray.


Bitter Rose

Bitter Rose is a scent based on the literary character Sula Peace, an oxymoron herself from her name to where she lived.

As the Bottoms are at the top of the hills in Medallion, Sula Peace was a storm contradicted by her beautiful stemmed rose birthmark.

Scent Story:

The story of opposites, bitter is really sweet. Champagne with notes of cream and sugar fuse together with rose petals.


Fancy Girl

Inspired by Yellow Wife, Pheby straddles two worlds but does not wholly fit in either but does her very best to.

They cannot change the world, but they do what they can, and sometimes that’s extraordinary...

Scent Story:

Delicate yet bold, Fancy Girl blends magnolia, peony, freesia and white woods.


Winter Blue

Winter 1955, Sugar Lacey has arrived in Short Junction, Arkansas to a blue sun, gray clouds, sparkling icicles and falling snow.

Scent Story:

Crisp fresh air, snow covered pine needles and mint are sweetened with winter berries and vanilla.


Lost then Found

Two girls, Nadia & Aubrey both “motherless” daughters navigating life, friendship, love and secrets. Set near the beach in Oceanside CA.

Scent Story:

A cool splash of grapefruit and lemon leaves wrapped in watery lotus flower with a hint of lavender.



Inspired by the book, Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi.

The story of Effie and Esi and the parallel lives of their descendants.

Split the Castle open, find me, find you.

We, two, felt sand, wind, air.

One felt whip. Whipped, once shipped.

I adored this book and how the undercurrent of fire ran through this book.


Fire. It moves quickly. It lived off air; it slept in caves and hid in trees, burning...until it disappeared, becoming one with the night.

Scent Story:

Amber and tonka bean combine with dark and light musks, floral and woody bottom notes. The fragrance is both masculine and feminine.