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I have no other way to express my gratitude for Bernice McFadden, her unforgettable characters and their deeply emotional stories, than to create this candle. 

I am thankful and forever a fan of her creative works.

Her books have been such an inspiration for me that I have 3 of her books, Sugar, Gathering of Waters & Loving Donovan in my Bookish Box Collection.

Sugar Lacey, Donovan & Campbell & the spirit of Esther are just a few of the characters she was able to bring to life so vividly that they left their indelible print


Black women are women at the very least, magical at their zenith, biblical at their core and as sacred as dousing oneself with Holy Water.

Scent Story:

This scent reminds me of Black Girl Magic, golden, warm and rich.

Story Notes:

Citrus | Tonka Beans | Sandalwood


- 60+ hours burn time

- 8 ounces

- !00% soy wax

- Cotton wick

- Sulfate  + Paraben free

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