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Author of 4 books, I fell absolutely in love with An American Marriage and Silver Sparrow.

Deeply emotional storylines, I felt heartbroken and empathetic to many of the characters. I felt opinionated about the characters, but also had to wonder how would I respond in each situation.


People say, that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger. But they are wrong. What doesn't kill you, doesn't kill you.

I love this quote because there’s so much freedom and power in being able to move forward stronger.

Scent Story:

Fresh uplifting bergamot orange, rich lavender, juicy pear, mysterious vanilla, and  musk create an airy and luxurious scent.


- 60+ hours burn time

- 8 ounces

- !00% soy wax

- Cotton wick

- Sulfate  + Paraben free


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