The Good Book Candles

The Good Book Candles


      Have you ever asked HIM a question and the answer almost made you regret you asked?

      I was struggling with not feeling like I was being impactful. I felt like I should be further along and business wise, I just haven’t been proud of myself yet.

      So I sat with this feeling for a couple days just feeling in a funk until it dawned on me, duh? Ask HIM what I should do?

      So I asked Him, I prayed and asked him to make it plain, what was I supposed to be doing?

      I waited to hear because I knew I would. When I did, I thought, why did Bible just drop in my spirit? No, He couldn’t mean that. So I waited to hear what I thought would be something else. It happened again. Now I’m saying there’s no way, like I’ve done everything opposite and always had plans that were completely different.

      My plan was to make the book shaped candles inspired by books and characters. I distinctly remember when people would ask me if they were bibles, I would be adamant when I told them no. Crazy enough, I don’t know why I felt so strongly about it. I’ve never been ashamed of Him.

      Literally the next day, my husband and I were on the way to my Dr’s appt and he was the DJ. He was playing trap music with some lyrics and words I don’t use, mind you I use some, but not all. Again, I’m saying to myself, did HE really mean what I heard?

      So as this loud profane music was playing in my ear, all I could hear was a small voice telling me, the book is the Bible. The stories are testimonies. I received it, but immediately felt insecure, who was I to tell people about Jesus? I believe in the Lord and have been a witness to HIS continued Goodness. I pray every day, thank Him everyday, constantly seek His advice, but going to church on Sundays, knowing scriptures by heart, no.

      After speaking to my husband and a couple of friends, I decided to stop resisting, I would be open and receptive to HIM continuing to direct my path.  I wanted to hear clearly and not my own ideas because it’s very easy to do and I knew my ideas would hijack the concept. I wanted Him to give me the ideas on how this was to work.

      So I went on vacation to Jamaica, took videos, spent quiet time in the water, on the beach, jumped 15 ft off of a platform and waited to hear what was next.

      I came to be okay with writing down my testimonies that coincided with scriptures. He has been so good to me, how could I not sing His praises and share my stories of HIS faith and love. What an awesome GOD we serve.

      Each of these stories are personal to me and will be included with every candle. I always love reading and hearing stories of HIS way at work and my faith is always strengthened.


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