Relaxing Scent Stories

Relaxing Scent Stories

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A collection of blends that relax and unwind. These stories feature classic combinations between Tea when paired Ginger, Lavender + Chamomile. Added notes of cucumber and light peach create scent stories that soothe your senses.

Scents in this collection:


A floral blend of lavender mixed with chamomile and eucalyptus steeped together creates a calming herbal fragrance with soft sandalwood and powdery musk.


When Green tea infuses with crisp cucumber alongside sparkling lime, eucalyptus, rose hips and a touch of sweet vanilla bean.

Tea Time

White tea and spicy ginger infuse with apricot and dash of nutmeg into a light fresh summer tea.


Blush peach and California lemon infused with fresh crushed mint and white musk blend together to create a fresh light scent that reminds you of Spring.


Sweet bergamot blends with delicate violet, fresh pear, soft sandalwood and sparkling citron to create the clean gentle breeze of fresh laundry.


When you're as free as the wildflowers...

A fresh breeze of blooming tulips and wildflowers on a warm summer day.


Fresh like clean cotton

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