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Maya Angelou. The playwright, author, poet, storyteller, activist who shared her stories and secrets with her readers.

Direct & plain spoken, her use of metaphors and similes often made her writings feel like an inviting conversation.


1. There’s a phrase in Ghana; it’s called ‘deep talk,’ when you really think about it, it takes you deeper...I’d like to think I write ‘deep talk.’”

2. Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.

Scent Story:

Crisp berries, pomegranate, sun-ripened raspberries and juicy citrus blend with refreshing greens and notes of Prosecco.

Story Notes:

Red Wine | Raspberry | Orange


- 60+ hours burn time

- 8 ounces

- !00% soy wax

- Cotton wick

- Sulfate  + Paraben free

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